Valli Colpani is the founder and creative mind behind the brand.

UNORA meaning "an hour" in the designer's native Italian, comes from a much loved song "Per un ora d'amore...", inspired by fleeting moments, sparks, passion.

Valli's own passion for clothes, for sharp angles and asymmetric cuts, is the brand's driving force. The designer came to London with a silver suitcase, a hat box and a sewing machine. A fashion maker from a young age :

"I remember, as a child, wrapping fabrics around myself and cutting armholes out to make my first asymmetric dresses."

This early technique is still the one most favoured by the designer, an organic process used when the inspiration takes her and which adds to the unique, quirky cuts which have always been the foundation of her own day-to-day look, now marking every piece from the collection with her particular style.

UNORA's pieces reflect the designer's unapologetic individuality and adventurous nature as she sees clothes as part of one's personality, to be loved and used as an expression of creativity, not to be dictated by the trend of the moment.

UNORA is block colours and sharp shapes, it is natural, luxurious fabrics. Deconstructing the rules of fashion and pushing its boundaries, UNORA strives to create timeless pieces, each one an original and understated wardrobe staple.